Student Awards

Recent Recipients:

Congratulations to all of the students who received awards at the 3rd Annual Halloween Awards Recital!

Check back often to see what students accomplish throughout the next year!

Possible Awards:

Consecutive Practice Days: For each set of 25 days of consecutive practice, students are recognized in group class. They also receive a certificate during the awards ceremony. Students may also work towards a 50, 75, and 100 consecutive day certificate.

Scale Study: Students receive a certificate of recognition at the completion of each level of Scale Study.

Level One - Completion of all one octave scales.
Level Two - Completion of all two octave major scales, broken thirds, and arpeggios.
Level Three - Completion of all three octave major scales.
Level Four - Completion of all three octave melodic minor, harmonic minor scales, and arpeggios.

Music Reading: Reading awards are given to students who complete the requirements for each level.

Music Reading Level 1 - Completion of the I Can Read Music Volume One.
Music Reading Level 2 - Completion of Sight Reading for Strings for students.
Music Reading Level 3 - Completion of Sight Reading for Strings for teachers.

Suzuki Book Awards: The most important of all the awards are the Suzuki Book Trophies. Once a student has completed a Suzuki Book, they are required to create a video of all the songs in the book. Pieces on the video are performed memorized and at a concert performance level. In addition to submitting, students must perform the last piece in the book before the weekly group class. Once the video is approved, students are permitted to officially begin the next book and are eligible to receive their trophy at the annual awards ceremony.

Students of Schiemer Studios may also compete
for awards in various events including:

NSA String Festival Festival

CCSD Solo & Ensemble Festival

CCSD Honor Orchestras

Zion's Youth Symphony and Chorus

Las Vegas Youth Orchestra

Silver State