Policies & Procedures



Students are required to have the necessary materials at every lesson. Each student will require slightly different music and supplies. Check with your teacher to find out what your child needs. Below is a list of most of the materials that Melanie Schiemer requires of her students. Students do not need all of these supplies to begin lessons. New students need only a violin, bow, case, rosin, shoulder rest sponge, 1/2” binder, and a copy of Suzuki Book One CD. For information on where to purchase the listed materials visit www. SchiemerStudios.com and click on the Links page.



Suzuki Books and recordings purchased as needed for various levels

Alfred’s Publishing Complete Color Coded Flashcards

Fingerboard Geography by Barbra Barber

Scales for Advanced Violinists by Barbara Barber

Solos for Young Violinist by Barbara Barber

77 Variations on Suzuki Melodies by William Starr

I Can Read Music Volume One or Two, Joanne Martin

The Logical Approach to Rhythmic Notation

Sight Reading for Strings, Denise Willey



1/2” - 1” Binder (preferably black) ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE THIS

Shoulder pad or sponge, KUN shoulder rest or equivalent

Rosin-preferably dark, recommended brand: Colophane Millant-Deroux

Small 100% cotton cloth (to clean the violin)

Metronome (apps are available) & Tuner (apps are available)


Suggested Reading for Parents

Nurtured By Love, Suzuki

Ability Development from Age Zero, Suzuki

To Learn with Love, Starr and Starr



The Schiemer Studios School calendar year is divided into 3 Semesters.  Summer is June-August.  Fall is September-December.  Spring is January-May.  There will not be lessons during school holidays, the 2 week Holiday Break, 1 week Spring Break, and 2 weeks during the summer break.  

All holidays and breaks observed by the Clark County School District are also observed by Schiemer Studios. Lessons will not be given or billed for on these holidays or breaks unless otherwise indicated by the teacher.  

Students are expected to attend a weekly lesson at their assigned time. If a student must miss a lesson, a 24 hour courtesy call is expected, however, lessons and group classes missed by students will not result in a make-up lesson, credit, or a refund. Siblings are encouraged to attend all Schiemer Studio events. Parents are expected to ensure that children are not disruptive. Students attending lessons at the home of Melanie Schiemer must remain in the studio at all times unless otherwise permitted by the teacher. Please make every effort to give your child an opportunity to use the restroom and have a bottle of water before coming to the lesson. Plan to arrive at lessons and group classes approximately 5 minutes early. Students who arrive late will only be taught for the remaining time of their lesson. (Example: A student who is 10 minutes. late for a half hour lesson would be given 20 minutes. of instruction time.) The teacher is only required to wait for late students for 15 minutes. After 15 minuets, it is at the discretion of the teacher to have the class or not. Schiemer Studios reserves the right to discontinue lessons with any students that miss 3 consecutive lessons.

If for any reason you are unable to attend your regularly scheduled lesson, you may choose to switch with another family. Families can contact one another and request to trade lesson times for that week or contact the teacher 2 weeks in advance to receive help with trading lessons. Please understand that families may not always be able to switch. When trading lessons, you must switch with another student that has the same lesson length as your student. Once you have successfully traded with another student, immediately contact your teacher to notify her of the change. If you are unable to trade lesson times the above policy will be adhered to.

Teacher absences will result in a make-up lesson or a credit on your next invoice and may be due to illness, vacation, or performing engagements. Make-up lessons will be schedule at a mutually convenient time. Once a make-up lesson is agreed upon, the new lesson time will be treated as a regular lesson and the above policies will apply.

NOTE: Once again, student absences will not result in a make-up lesson or a credit/refund.  Teacher absences will be made up during the semester or will result in a credit to your next months invoice.


Tuition payments are due on the 1st day of each new semester if paying by semester and the 1st day of each month is paying by month

Tuition is as follows:

15 min.    see teacher

30 min.    see teacher

45 min.    see teacher

60 min.    see teacher

Tuition my slightly differ if students are joining the studio mid-year. All lesson totals and tuition payment schedules can be viewed via your students individual google sheet to which you will be provided a private link.  Invoices will not be mailed.

Fees are not included in the tuition payments and must be paid by the dates provided below:

Annual Studio Fee $30.00, due September 1st (everyone)

Halloween Recital Fee is $35.00, due October 1st (everyone) 

Spring String Festival entry fee is $40.00 December 1st if participating

No lessons will be taught for any given month until tuition is paid. Payments received after the 5th of every month will be considered late and will be subject to a $25.00 late fee. Schiemer Studios reserves the right to permanently discontinue lessons with any students who have outstanding balances of 4 weeks or more.  

Schiemer Studios accepts cash, venmo and paypal.  

Tuition will be increased by $1.00 per hour lesson, every other year in odd numbered years


Schiemer Studios will provide students with at least two performances a year. Participation in recitals will require students to attend one dress rehearsal with the piano accompanist. Students who do not attend the dress rehearsal will not be allowed to perform on the recital. There will be a recital fee, see above. This fee will cover the pianist fee as well as all other associated costs. Students are expected to participate in all performances.



Students must be accompanied by an adult at ALL times to ALL lessons, group classes, and recitals.  Schiemer Studios is not responsible for any injury sustained by students or any person associated with the student, while at the location of the lesson or other event.  Adults who accompany a student assume full responsibility to pay for any damage caused by the student during the lesson, group class, or recital.

These policies and procedures embody the entire agreement between Schiemer Studios and the undersigned parent or guardian with respect to the services contemplated by this document, and there are no agreements, representations or warranties between Schiemer Studios and the undersigned other than as specifically stated herein.

Parents are expected to sign a hard copy of the Policies and Procedures in June of every year.

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